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I spent my whole weekend working on homework, pulling all nighters, and drinking coffee.

I haven't had this much work yet in my College career and it really punched me right in the face. I tried my best to time how much work I did, and it was well over 15 hours of work. 

I have done some pretty cool typography work and such, and I can't wait to post them in a few days (I don't wanna overload you guys with submissions)!

On some other cool news, I work at the library at GCU, and they asked me to design some flyers for some workshops that will be happening in the near future, so that was also a sweet opportunity for me.

After completing them, they told me that they want me to design a flyer/sticker/button design that they'll be putting up around campus and handing out to students to promote the grand opening of the new library location (3rd and 4th floor of the Student Union)

So if any of you cats go to GCU, look forward to some cool free swag designed by me!

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I'm all moved in again!

Back at Grand Canyon University!

It's been a great week and I'm stoked to be back on campus, living that dorm life, and going to classes to enhance my knowledge in the digital arts. My classes for this semester are Designing with Type, Web Design 1, Digital Photography 2, and Figure Drawing. I've already been loaded with homework and projects to kick start the first week but it should be awesome!

Dorm life is great, my roommates are pretty chill, and in my side of the room, we have a sweet setup. I've got a tv on the top shelf of my open closet so that I can play video games and watch netflix from the comfort of my own bed, and I've setup some of my favorite artists all over the wall, including some of my own personal work. The campus has been growing like crazy, and we added around 2,500 more students living on campus this year. We also got a Chick-fil-a, Subway, and the largest Starbucks in the nation added to our options of food, and besides the long lines, it's great.

In video game news, the new 2DS has been anounced, which I don't really know how to feel about, I'm not excited for it, and I probably will not purchase. BUT! I will be getting Pokemon X version, so ya'll who are gunna be on that Pokemon grind when it comes out in October, we gotta swap those friend codes and have some serious battles.

Also! Nintendo also announced that they will be dropping the price of the WiiU $50 and will be including a new Legend of Zelda WindWaker HD bundle when the game is released, and that will probably have to be a purchase that I will make.

AND what are my opinions on Ben Affleck being THE NEW BATMAN??!??!?!?

I don't really have any. I haven't seen his acting, so I will remain un-opinionated. Hopefully this Batman vs. Superman movie will be sweet.

Wanna check out some cool art to get your mind off of that horrid Miley Cyrus VMA twerk???

Check out QBic here:

And that's all for now!
Summer has been crazy.

After finishing my first year of college, and more specifically my very first class of Digital Photography, the professor of said class asked me to work for him over the summer. I guess he saw something in me. Gladly, I accepted because, I mean, who wouldn't?
It's been an amazing learning experience. I acted as his assistant photographer during all of his shoots (hauling equipment, helping set up lighting, test shots, etc.) I've learned more than I ever could in a classroom and it's been fantastic. A short blog post couldn't describe it.
I'm eagerly anticipating heading back to the university this week. I'm especially excited to start putting all that I've learned to practice this summer during my Digital Photography 2 class and I'm also excited to start learning more about Typography and the basics of Web Design.
Which means I'll be posting some more work up here soon for those who care, so there's that to look forward to.

What else to share!?

Lets see...

I've done a good amount of reading this summer and some recommended books are:

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
Quarantine the Loners - Lex Thomas
The Program - Suzanne Young
Boneshaker - Cherie Priest

Caught up on my inner-asian-nerd as well and watched through about 5 different anime series this summer as well.

Super stoked for Hayao Miyazaki's new film, The Wind Rises. Here's a link if you haven't seen it,…

My obsession for Street Art hasn't died either and I've been keeping my practice up, excited to start doing some work downtown when I move back in to my dorm. A cool stencil graffiti-artist I follow, check him out,

And with that I'll be off!

"We can't do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves." ~ Banksy

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I'm taking Photography 1 this semester and I'm loving it!

So fair warning I'll probably be uploading a lot of my shots! Lemme know what you think.

Other than that I don't really have much else to say. Short and sweet.
It's finished!

Finals are done.

First semester is in the bag. I can honestly say that after venturing from high school to college, my hatred for finals has evolved into something beyond words. Luckily though, I think that I just might have pulled off straight A's.

Next semester should be better since I'll actually start doing classes for my major! Fundamentals of Design and Digital Photography. I can say I am excited. I'll hopefully be able to post more.

My goals for this break are to work on a few projects that I have seen and come to love! I'll put them up here if they turn out good.

I'm also heading over to Los Angeles after Christmas so that should be fun!

Happy Holidays to all.
Well I'm finally off to college.

Headed to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm gonna study Digital Design.

Pretty excited actually! I'm going to be living on campus, and I'm only 45 minutes away from my parent's home, so I'll be able to head home a lot and mooch food off of them. (:

Classes are only on Tuesday's and Thursday's for me so hopefully I'll have a lot more free time to do more art and work on projects that I've had waiting on hold for the longest time!

Move in is August 24th and I still haven't started packing things up yet. I need to get busy. T_T

Wish me luck!
So I never really know what to talk about when I do a journal entry, I usually just blab on about what is going on in my life, but I guess that's what the purpose of these are for right? For whoever is interested to get a little more insight into the mind of Cheetahclub84!?

Well lets see, I got a tattoo a couple weeks ago? Down my right side/ribcage. Hurt pretty bad, but was totally worth it, I flaunt it everywhere I go. (I prolly look like one of those girls on G.G.W. by how much I flash people now to show them my ink.

Last year of high school before I move on to bigger and better things (hopefully).

I'm going to try and play baseball, at whatever college takes me, and see if I can turn that passion into a career; and if that fails, I'll prolly go into graphic design and business. But I'm still not positive. I've got plenty of time right?

Well that is pretty much all for now...
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So for the two of you that read my journal entries! *glare* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! *glare*

SO! If you've kept up you know I've been blabbing on about my graphic designing! Well now its finally started to bear fruit! If you go on,… It will take you to our website! And shirts will come for sale in around 13 days I think so if you'd like to help us out and you like what we're doing, BUY ONE!

And you can find New Movement on Facebook or Myspace so if you have one please go on and like our page!

You're support is greatly appreciated!
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So I've officially started working on designs now for clothing. I met up with the owner of the company a few days ago. Right now the company is just starting to develope so I've hopped on board in its infant stages but I'm very excited to see what unfolds. The clothing company is called New Movement and I'm not gunna lie I'm very stoked to make designs for them. The logo is freaking sweet too! The first few prints will probably come out sometime within two weeks and our website will be up and fully running quite soon too and will have our very first prints and designs up for pre-order! So I encourage you to check out the site now (which still only has the coming soon page) but you can check out the logo and get an idea. And then very soon in the near future prints will be available and I encourage you to order them!
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So I watched, "V For Vendetta" a couple nights ago.
Its been a while since I've seen that movie and I forgot how much I LOVED IT!
I just love the symbolism in the movie.
And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it Marxist Leninism? I dunno I just like looking at the different symbolism in movies and the different worldviews.

Also! I have finals coming up T_T Goddammit.
But! Luckily I only have 4 finals to take! Hell yeah :)
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I feel like all of my drawings and doodles are too plain, like I think it's time for me to break out of my typical black and white drawing phase and expand on to more colorful pictures to add that extra PIZAZ! to my artwork. What do you think?

I dunno part of me really wants to add color, but another part of me is a little reluctant to do so, because I guess I'm worried about ruining the picture or something with wrong color choices or something.

So yeah any advice or tips and hints would be very much appreciated!
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Well it's been a while since I've written a journal. Since January.

Uh lets see not much has been happening. Baseball season is great and I feel fantastic, but i've had to sit like the entire season. I just recovered from breaking my hand, I broke my pinky bone and i think its called the like fifth metatarcel or something? Who knows. But yes I broke it punching something for all who were wondering that.

So! I'm back in baseball. Thats good.

Also! I've been waisting my life with Pokemon Heart Gold :D I feel like a kid again playing this game. Its a classic and I proudly wear my poke-walker around school (Pokemon isn't nerdy for highschool kids).

I'm also working on my Degenerate story. And I really enjoy it. So has everyone that's read it. I'm considering posting it on her, but I dunno, sorta reluctant.

I've also been reading this book, The Catcher and The Rye, I LOVE THE BOOK! Its sick :) I dunno. Just go to the store, buy it, and read it if you havent. His humor amuses me greatly.
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So finals are over and its 2010!

Only two more years until the zombie invasion!!
I'm ready!!! *shifty eyes*

So I got my final test results back and I ended up with a 4.0 GPA
So yes my friends, I am an official genius :D

Also, I've been like COMPLETELY worn out these past weeks and I will still probably be in the same condition in the future.

Baseball is back, and we have it EVERYDAY of the week. Its terrible because we get worked hardcore. On top of that, I'm going to the gym everyday and working out hardcore to get buff. So it's like overkill. And school work seems to just get more and more difficult. But oh well, I usually DGAF it.
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I'm so hyped for the new zelda game! I still have yet to buy the actual game though. I decided to wait until after finals to purchase it because once I buy the game, I will not stop playing until a beat it.

So far I have successfully beaten every single, yes, that's right, EVERY SINGLE, Zelda game. So I'm very excited to get this one. To me, the hardest Zelda game was the Windwaker. I gave up on that game and quit player for so long, but then ended up coming back and beating it! It took me about a year to complete because of my quitting.

Also...Finals are coming up T_T dammit.

But! In my Honors English class, we finished reading Julius Ceaser, so we had to do a report on it. One of the choices for a project/report thing we could do, was make a rap about Julius Ceaser, so me and my friend Ike took "Meet Me Halfway" by the Black Eyed Peas and rewrote the lyrics to make it about Julius Ceaser, and I am not gunna lie, it was epic.

We made history today in Honors English class today, and this day and this rap will never be forgotten.

Today, legends were born...

Here are the Lyrics to the song that I mostly wrote and my friend Ike sorta helped...
By the way before you read it, I (Brett) am supposed to be Brutus (Ceaser's betrayer and murder) when I sing my part, and Ike is Mark Antony (Ceaser's good friend)
and during the chorus when both of us are singing Fergie's part, we are being Calpurnia, (Ceaser's Wife)

Ike:Oooooh Ceaser was my closest friend
Oooooh I loved him so badly, till the very end

Brett: Ceaser, I spend my time just plotting to to to to kill you
Every single day I can see right through through you
And all those fake things that you always always do
Hey Ceas, you want the crown but that just wont do
I spend my time just plotting to to kill you
Every single day I can see right through through you
And all those fake things that you always always do
Hey Cease what's up Cease, what's up

Both: Can you stay home today?
I had a bad dream and I need you to stay...for me
I don't want you to go
Please just stay!
You cut my heart to it's thinnest
And this is where I'll stay
Oooohoh! Oooohoh! I can't see you get murdered like this
Oooohoh! Oooohoh! I want him back so badly, it's my biggest wish

Girl, Ceaser traveled round the world and even sailed the seven seas
He ruled the universe and all the other galaxies
Tell me where Brutus go
For I am Mark Antony
I wanna get revenge revenge
For you and me
Cuz girl I want I I want Brutus right now
I'll travel uptown town, I'll travel downtown
Wanna get us the crown crown
But only for today
For I loved him always ways
He shoulda stayed home today

Chorus: 2x

Hope you enjoy!!!
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Just got back from Saboten Con 2009 a couple of hours ago. I haven't been home all weekend. Lol I was there for so long I found myself calling the convention home. XD It was amazingly fun! I did not cosplay sadly =( but I'm hoping to next year! But, on Saturday night, I "dressed up" as Taylor Lautner from Twilight, I just put on some skinny jeans and a white dress shirt. And shockling, alot of people told me I looked like Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black :D

I dunno if I should be proud of this because my friend told me that he's gay and that means I look gay...I refuse to believe it!

I also got to play DJ Hero at the con. Amazing game :) I'm going to buy it! So much that happened! So much to talk about! But I'll just summarize it up with, Naru/Sasu lesbo girls, I love you. Chick in the brown wig with goggles and a cig, you're extremely attractive, and Naruto girl, Tobi is still pointing...
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So last night I was longboarding with some of my friends, and we were going down some pretty narly hills and my friend would drive next to us to see how fast we were going, and we got up to 30 mph on them. We found a real big hill, and I decided I was gunna try it.
We didn't have the car this time to see how fast I was going but I know that I was going over 35. I got speed wobbles going down and crashed into the asphalt. I got terrible road rash on my right arm, back, and hip/thigh. I went to the emergency room this morning and the doctors said that it was some of the worst road rash they have ever seen. I'm on vikadyn right now and I'm still in excruciating pain. :/ but o well, no pain no gain.
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So I beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days about a week ago, and I'm not gunna lie I think it was pretty amazing. I got a little emotional towards the end.
It took me 23 hours total to beat the game, I guess that's pretty good. =D It was worth a day of my life.

And, last night I went and saw Paranormal Activity. The movie was boring and slow at first and its like a homemade movie type shot from the boyfriend and his camera, and the guy was funny and he seemed to not be scared of anything, but later on in the movie, it got real creepy and freaky. And the stuff that happened and the ending was epic. I found myself checking my backseat of the car driving home the whole time. And then when I got home I called a friend so I wouldn't feel alone! It was pretty terrifying but yet not like the jumpy type of horror, just freaky...

I dunno just go see it
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So yesterday I went to go see Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D!!!!

Lol it was good to see those movies again and I will probably find myself seeing the 3rd one. The movie helped me to get in touch with my kid-self and realize that disney movies have alot of crude humor in them XD
I think disney puts the subtle humor in there so that the adults that are watching the movie with their young ones don't get too bored.

And!!! Today I bought KINDGOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not gunna lie, I'm hyped.
Me and two other friends are gunna get together tonight and play the game co-op mode and beat the entire thing in one night and then continue on with our lives again =D We've each got the game, our Nintendo DS's and a mini fridge stocked with stuff that'll keep us semi-functioning! YOUSH!!

And on a final note....
In Your Face Yvonne :P
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So I finally got my laptop fixed!
It's been broken for about a year now and it sucked :(
But now its all fixed and i got windows vista ultimate on it rather than my windows xp

Also, today my friend Andrew took me to in-n-out burger, and he introduced me to the Animal Style burgers.
And for all of you who don't know what that is, I dare you to go to in-n-out and ask for your burger animal style. Along with my animal styel burger, I also got animal style fries, which are fries soaked in cheese and thousand island sauce and grilled onions. And then to top it all off, I got a neopolitan shake.
So my meal was pretty much one big heart attack, and I am now lying in my friends bed dying. Don't get me wrong, it was one of the best tasting things i've had, but it was also one of the worst things for me. My artiries are screaming at me!

So Yepp, I'm gald that there is no school today cause it gives me a chance to just relax and recover from the animal I've become.
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So tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment with my endocrinologist =/

Hopefully I will not have to go into surgery 0.o

And on a different subject, me and my friends Yvonne and Andrew are having a little contest between each other. And so we have established some rules and guidelines.

Each of us must draw a picture, and post it on the 20th of September; if the drawing is not submitted on that day, the one who failed to post it is automatically disqualified. Whoever gets the most views one week after the 20th wins.

Also the rules regarding the drawing are:

1. You must have a drawing of one's self's OC in it
2. The drawing must contain a character from a famous anime such as Naruto, Bleach, Code Geass etc.
3. The drawing must have a background
4. The background must contain Graffiti and Street Art on it
5. The whole drawing must be colored

And yepp! That's the rules we made, and its just going to be a fun little contest!! So all ya'll look forward to the 20th :P
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